Converting EndNote reference into XML references

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Many authors use citation management software while writing their manuscripts. They don't manually type in a cited author's name or a number for a cited work, but select literature from a database. If this is the case the Word document containing the manuscript will contain so-called field functions, which can be recognized when you click on a reference mention:


If you have EndNote installed on your computer you can easily turn these mentions into XML tags, hence saving time integrating these manually in the XML file:

  1. Download and open this EndNote output style.
  2. Open the manuscript in Word, then in the top menu go to EndNote and under Style choose xml.
  3. Deactivate all field by pressing CTRL+Alt+F9.
  4. Launch Texture and copy-and-paste the copyedited article text.
  5. Place figures and tables using the Insert menu.
  6. Switch to the Details view (top left) and import the list of cited literature (.json file) by selecting InsertReference. (You can ignore the fields for metadata.)
  7. Save file. Open the resulting .dar file with 7-Zip or another file extracting program of your choice and extract the file manuscript.xml.
  8. Find and replace the following expressions:
Find Replace
&lt;xref ref-type="bibr" rid=" <xref ref-type="bibr" rid="B
&gt;\[ >[
]&lt;/xref&gt; ]</xref>

Next step

Almost done! Continue creating the XML file with some manual edits.