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To make sure that the figures appearing in Free Neuropathology hold up to our high quality standards, they need to be prepared. The easiest way to do this is to use the free software Gimp, which can be downloaded here. Of course, this task can also be done using Adobe Photoshop.

After installing, open Gimp and open the image file by selecting FileOpen or simply drag the image file into the window.

This task is mainly about ensuring that the image files have suitable dimensions and resolutions. However, sometimes the figures provided by authors have unnecessary white margins around them. These should be removed before scaling the image. To achieve this, click ImageCrop To Content (Adobe Photoshop: ImageTrim).

Now, in the top menu, go to ImageScale Image (Adobe Photoshop: ImageImage Size).

Enter 300,000 pixels/in in the fields for X resolution and Y resolution.If the image is to be inserted as a figure spanning two columns, set 20,000 cm as width. The height will be set automatically. (If the width automatically reduces to 19,998 cm, for example, this is no problem, but a function of the scaling mechanism.) If the image is going to span across one column, set 9,000 cm as width.

Important: Under Interpolation make sure to select NoHalo ‐ this will ensure best image quality (this is not necessary in Adobe Photoshop). Click Scale, then save the image by clicking FileExport As (Adobe Photoshop: FileSave As).

Figureprep scale.png

In the lower part of the window, click + Select File Type (By Extension) and choose JPEG image (jpg,jpeg,jpe). Click Export to save the file.

Figureprep export.png

Repeat the process for every figure in your paper.